Kids Summer Camp 2018 at High Park System

Register now as space is limited. Inquiries: or call 416.762.6262 and ask for Bryan.

Please ask us about our early drop off and late pick up!

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Ice Breakers:

Who Am I
Duckie Wuckie
Pac Man
People Bingo
Getting To Know You Guessing Game
Sit Up Sit Down Game
Kick Boxing/Self Defense
Crossfit with Kalyna

Arts & Crafts:

Finger Painting
Paper Mache
Melting Beads
Silly Putty
Play Doh
Picture Frame Painting
Bird Feeder Painting
Tie Dye
Coffee Filter Butterflies
Bubble Paint
Marble Painting
Body Tracing
Crown Making
Shoebox Aquarium
Flip-Flop Painting

Food Crafts:

Rice Krispie Squares
Ants On A Log
Splash Pad High Park, Runny Park And Beresford Park
(Sun Lotion, Bathing Suit, Towel)

Park & Other Outdoor Activities:

Sidewalk Chalk
Bug Hunt
Four Squares
Yoga With Ian
Mr. Wolf
Red Light Green Light
Puddle Jumping
Cloud Watching (Animal Shapes Etc)

Field Trips:

High Park Zoo
Fire Hall
Pizza Store
Ice Cream Store
High Park Nature Centre

Indoor Activities:

Kickboxing with John
Obstacle Course
Ball Games
Dance Routines
Scavenger Hunt
Hola Hoops

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